Monday, July 13, 2009


This guy is clearly handsome but he's more than just good looks, Marmalade oozes sweetness and charm. This bottle raised buddy loves to snuggle and wants to always know what you are up to. He's a lap kitty as well as a very dedicated tumbler. If fact we are willing to bet he's passed out at his foster home now from chasing the cat dancer all day. Marmalade needs a friend to keep up with him. Speaking of friends, he and Popeye get along famously, just saying...


What a guy Popeye is! We found him and his siblings in the L.I.R.R. Sadly Popeye had a terrible eye infection that was so bad the eye had to be removed. This has not slowed him down one bit! Popeye is playful and sweet, he gets along great with other cats and is endlessly curious. It was hard to get him to slow down for a moment to get a good shot of him but he is a force that needs to be seen. You will fall in love, mark our words.


I'm not sure any photos can do this guy justice. His foster Mom says he is full of energy and always makes you smile. "You can't help but to be happy around him, he just makes you laugh." While she is sad to have to give Bailey up she would love to have him go to a good home where he will be showered with love and affection and hopefully an energy filled playmate...or two.


This little lady is Madison, a 10 wk old Russian Blue who was rescued on the streets of Harlem. Madison is very sweet and loving she is negative for FELV/FIV. While we normally recommend that kittens be adopted in pairs or to a home with at least one other cat, she would be ok as an only cat.


This beauty's name is Monet. Monet is <1yr old and she is as sweet as she looks. Monet was previously adopted to a loving home but in a twist of irony SHE was allerigic to her new environment! With her allergy cleared up she is awaiting another caring home where she can play and nap and cuddle, maybe yours?


Lara, 6wks,is sister of Popeye. She was recently rescued and still a bit shy but is getting used to all the attention and warming up.